Just in case I was unclear. FUSION 360 makes absolutely NO CLAIMS of ownership of the output of their software. Free or Commercial version. Fusion 360 makes NO CLAIMS of ownership or control authority over your commercial use of your creations under the commercial license.

The reason is SIMPLY. they don't OWN the output of the software so they have NO LEGAL AUTHORITY to claim ownership or control.

YOU can only control use of the software NOT ITS OUTPUT.

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Hueforge. I hope you read this and don't just delete it. I mean this seriously and as a fellow creator. its not an attack.

Your entire commercial addendum is illegal under US law. You are not granting a license to the software which is your right. you are trying to grant a license to the tangible and digital goods created with the software. This is not y our right. You do not have this right. You can't grant these privileges because you don't OWN THEM

Your commercial license would be no different than if you had a clause that said licensor grants licensee limited rights to their own automobile or their home. or if you granted yourself ownership of my car or my home. You can't do that because you DO NOT OWN THOSE THINGS

You can only license WHAT YOU OWN. you OWN the hueforge software so you can grant limited license to YOUR SOFTWARE.

Now this is the important part here. reading your post here leads me to believe this is where you went astray. so I have to be very clear here

YOU DO NOT OWN THE FILES CREATED WITH HUEFORGE the STL file generated from hueforge belongs to the CREATOR of the file. NOT YOU. You can't grant rights to that which you do not own. You can't LIMIT rights to that which YOU DO NOT OWN

Your statement above leads me to believe that you think you own the stl file generated from y our software YOU DO NOT. Your license "terminates" the moment the user clicks the "save" button. that is the BOUNDARY LINE between what YOU Have legal rights to control (the software) and what you do not (the output)

Microsft does NOT OWN the doc files crated with word. Adobe does not own the PSD or JPG or PNG or GIF created with photoshop or lightroom. Dreamweaver does not own the HTML or js files created with their software. Simplify3D does NOT OWN the Factory or Gcode files created with simplify 3d

YOU DO NOT OWN the STL file or any other file generated from user content via your software.

You can NOT restrict control or regulate commercial usages of the output of your program. You can ONLY enable or disable commercial usage of YOUR SOFTWARE. once you permit commercial usage of the software via the user purchaseing said privileges from you. the commercial rights to the creations are OUTSIDE OF YOUR LEGAL AUTHORITY.

Even the personal license you have NO SAY over commercial rights to the output of your software. you can simply VOID the license if the software (not the items) are used commercially. selling items IS cause to void the person license. but you still have no say over the commercial use of the items to any extent beyond your damages the $80 or $175 license cost. that's it.

YOU DO NOT OWN THE STL FILES CREATED. The person who created them does.


THE ONLY commercial rights you own is WHETHER yes or no they can use your software commercial OR NOT. that's it.

THE ONLY way I would ever put my intellectual property into your software is if the commercial addendum was deleted in its entirety and not added to any other agreement and the only reference you had to commercial was you need a commercial license to use the software commercially. that's it. that is the extent or your rights.

YOU ARE stealing the IP of others in your license terms. YOU ARE claiming commercial rights of others IP in your license terms. I THINK you incorrectly do not think you are doing these things because YOU THINK the stl output from the software belongs to you IT DOES NOT.

I DO NOT think you are a bad person or an evil person. I think you mistakenly do not understand that you do not own the STL file the software creates (or any file it creates) I think you incorrectly think you own those files which is why you say you are not stealing or claiming commercial rights. YOU ARE. You need to understand this mistake.

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Thank you for clarifying this! I know people can get excited about legal speak especially when they don’t understand superseding addendums. I tried to point this out when the concern was raised on YouTube... like a led ballon. At least this is well laid out to tackle each point for anyone looking to actually get the answers.

I also like the idea of adding in STL created while the license was active clause. While potentially unnecessary, it keeps expiations clear and laid out.

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Sounds right by me! Thank you for making the product affordable.

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